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Do you want to feel like a 


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Celebrate your pregnancy like the Queen you are!

You deserve the best!


I see you Mama!

Being pregnant is hard work. You are growing a little human that is about to take up a big part of your heart. Motherhood is one wild ride, and I couldn't be more excited to document your journey. Whether it's your first pregnancy or, your last of a growing family. This is your time to SHINE. This is your time to CELEBRATE your body and its achievements. We are going to spend an hour together, and I'm going to show you just how magical and beautiful you are! 

And do you want to know the best part. I have all your outfits ready! They have been picked specifically to embrace the beautiful curves of pregnancy. All you have to worry about is turning up, leave the rest up to me! Your inner GODDESS awaits you. 

Eden x


It's your time.

Ready to make some magic?

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