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You don't want to miss these

precious       moments


"The haziest days, yet the most beautiful all at once."


Newborn Bliss

Trust me when I tell you this Newborn Bubble is fleeting. It's the one period in your life where time seams to stand still, yet go by so fast. "The haziest of days, and the most beautiful all at once."


This little life, curled up on your chest, burrowing its way into your heart. I'm going to come in and capture every little detail, so you don't forget a thing. From the sweet smell of their head, curled up under your chin. To the tiny little toes that kicked you for those 9 months. You are going to have cherished memories, that you can look back on when life is going at infinite speed, and you want to slow it down. 

I won't rush our session. Babies don't like to be rushed, We live on their time now. I'll find the nicest light in your home, I only need a wall and a made bed. Then I'll capture these precious moments, to be yours, to have and to hold for a lifetime. 

You won't miss a thing, I promise. 

Eden x


let's make some magic

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