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my style.

My style is warm, earthy and connected. I want you to look back on your images and FEEL what you're seeing. To remember the smells, the sounds, to really be transported to that moment. 

I am also extremely passionate about showing your BEAUTY. Women are amazing. They can grow real humans. It's hard work. Its a miracle. And capturing that is so important to me. Releasing that inner goddess and showing your magic. 


Hey, I'm Eden!

I am a Mama to two wildling girls. When I say wildling, I mean it! They are bare foot, loud, nature lovers. They love nothing more than being outside, collecting frogs, feeding their chooks and exploring. 

I live in Portland, Victoria. I can proudly call this little coastal town home. After packing up and moving to the city for University (what feels like many moons ago now). My husband and I soon learnt that the life we truly desired, was surrounded by ocean, grass and lots of space.

We now have a beautiful property, are surrounded by ancient-big gum trees. And our girls get to run around and live their best 'farm life'. 

My journey here started when I picked up my camera to capture my babies growing. To try and freeze time. Because trust me when I say, these babies grow so quickly, blink and you will miss it. 

Photography, seeing the way light transforms and moves, it's ethereal and awe inspiring. THIS has been with me for as long as I remember. Have you watched the way the clouds filter beams of light from the sun. The way rain drops glisten on leaves in the early morning, when the sun is just peeking through.


The way I see the world is what makes my work stand out. Documenting your journey, this is my purpose. I love poeple watching, its what makes me a great Photographer. I see things differently, I notice the small things. The in-between moments. The moments you want captured and to remember for a life time. 


my style is warm, earthy and romantic

are we photographer soulmates?


things that make my heart happy

Summer Dip
Image by Kelly Sikkema
Dramatic Sunset
Image by Caleb Russell
Image by Jonathan Borba

let's tell your love story



Peaky Blinders

The Notebook

On Purpose

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Boheme (2).png

here to capture your love


and everything about it


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